malaysia-airlines-b-777-2-600_1 copyTwelve days after the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, one of the world’s most sophisticated monitoring networks has not detected any indication that the plane exploded in mid-air or crashed. The head of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization, which operates an acutely sensitive global verification system to detect nuclear explosions and also picks up other major explosions, earthquakes, tsunamis and more, said Wednesday afternoon that it had registered no high-altitude blast or crash into the sea that could account for the disappearance of the airliner. Speaking to The Times of Israel during a visit to Jerusalem for talks aimed at encouraging Israel to ratify the test ban treaty, Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo said the CTBTO had also made all of its data available to its users around the world, for them to “cross-cut” with their own data, and that this too had produced no indications that the plane blew up in mid-air or crashed. MORE