650x366_03211354_hd25Yes, a major storm will explode off the East Coast early next week. Sure, call it a ‘meteorological bomb’. But the potentially behemoth storm may only materially impact eastern New England. Since yesterday, models have shifted the track of the storm farther offshore and the consensus is trending towards more of a glancing blow scenario for the Mid-Atlantic – including the Washington, D.C. area. Yes, a slight shift back towards the coast is possible. So the entire Mid-Atlantic and especially the Northeast – where the storm center is likely to come somewhat closer – need to stay on alert. This is a storm that models suggest will rapidly intensify Tuesday into Wednesday, easily meeting the criteria for what meteorologists call “explosive development” or “bombogenesis” in which the storm’s central pressure plummets 24 mb in 24 hours. These kinds of storms can produce severe impacts including very heavy rain and snow, wind gusts over 60 mph (especially in coastal areas), and coastal flooding. MORE