gunburninfowarsSecond Amendment supporters in Saratoga Springs, New York burned nearly one thousand gun registration forms this Sunday in protest to the NY SAFE Act.  As the April 15 “assault weapons” registration deadline draws near, members of the NY2A Grassroots Coalition are encouraging non-compliance at educational forums across the state. “Our goal is to keep the registration numbers as low as possible,” NY2A co-founder Lisa Donovan told Storyleak. “The message yesterday was focused on those options including the mods that can be made to avoid registration.” In an act of defiance to the unconstitutional law, group members provided attendees with access to not only a barbeque grill, but to copies of the state’s registration form as well. “We ended the event first with a raffle of a NY-legal AR and then we gave people registration cards to burn outside as they were leaving,” Donovan said. Nearly everyone in attendance was seen torching the forms, an act of civil disobedience that is likely to be replicated across the state. MORE

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