debris-satellite-m_2863748bThe crucial moments of doomed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may never be discovered experts have warned as the ‘black box’ which records details of the flight may have over written key data. As the search for wreckage of MH370 was bolstered on Wednesday by the detection of 122 “credible” floating objects in the Indian Ocean experts said the back box anyway may be “impossible” to find. A United States black box detector being towed to the area is due to arrive on April 5, 28 days after the crash and just two days before the data recorder’s pinger is due to run out of battery life. David Barry, an aviation specialist at Cranfield University, said the pings may continue for an extra ten days but the signal will weaken. He said the effort to find the box could take years. “Given the remoteness of the site and the depth of the water and the weather down there, the black box will be almost impossible to find,” he told The Telegraph. “It will then be a case of digging through the wreckage field, possibly for a couple of years.” More