F121008TA09 copyPrime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has pledged to fight “forcefully” against Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza on Wednesday, after over 60 rockets hit southern Israel. “This seems to be in response to our counterterrorism efforts yesterday,” Netanyahu stated, according to Channel 2. “We will continue to strike those who want to harm us, we’ll act against them very forcefully.” “Last year, the number of rockets fired on Israel from Gaza was the lowest in a decade,” the Prime Minister continued, “but we are not satisfied with this. We will continue to secure the safety of Israeli citizens in the Negev and throughout Israel. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the barrage of rocket fire on Wednesday afternoon, which hit several communities in the Negev. No injuries have yet been reported from the rocket fire. IAF helicopters were reportedly patrolling Gaza’s skies immediately after the barrage hit Wednesday afternoon, though senior security sources told several news outlets that the IDF was still weighing the appropriate response. MORE