money1-620x387A leading libertarian media outlet is making the argument that it’s growing government, not atheists, that represents a bigger threat to Christians.  “The growing state, after all—not the atheist—is religion’s biggest rival,” wrote Reason’s David Harsanyi. “And intentionally or not, government is crowding out parts of community life that have traditionally been taken care of by civil society. It’s draining resources once used by communities to implement services and take care of their own. And even more destructive, perhaps, is that government is becoming a source of moral authority for so many.” The piece defended a speech by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) to the American Principles Project, where he said, “Libertarian and liberty doesn’t mean libertine.” Harsanyi referenced critics who claimed libertarianism and Christianity are not compatible, before dismissing these notions. MORE