1536679_410732459030542_1000823429_nA Christian college student finds himself in an epic battle with an atheist philosophy professor who threatens to fail him if he refuses to disavow God’s existence. That’s the premise of “God’s Not Dead,” a feature film opening Friday on more than 800 screens across America. Actors Kevin Sorbo, Dean Cain and “Duck Dynasty” stars Willie and Korie Robertson are among the recognizable names who appear in the movie in an effort to spark public conversation about God’s existence. Sorbo, a Christian, plays the non-believing Professor Radisson. He told The Blaze he hopes the film shows skeptics that “there might be something greater out there.”  The former “Hercules” actor said he thinks the theological themes could speak to those who might question the existence of God and serve as a catalyst for the discovery of faith. “I think it opens up discussion more than any movie,” he said. “It’s not preaching to the choir … it’s creating a lot of dialogue.” MORE