Ireland-BDSWARNING OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED: A shrill scene occurred last week at the National University of Ireland (NUI) whose students were set to vote on a motion to boycott Israel. Students voted in favor of the boycott, which is not binding on the university, but not before they saw a fellow student wildly shouting and cursing in an effort to silence a speaker presenting an opposing opinion to his. “You f***ing Zionist f***ing pricks. Get the f*** out,” shouted the student at the Wednesday event.  His supporters applauded enthusiastically to his outburst. As the speaker was at the podium, the pro-Palestinian student stood, gesticulated, wielded numerous F-bombs as he shouted various combinations of: “Get the f*** off our campus now!” and “Get off the f***ing campus!” It’s unclear if it was him or another protester who dealt another remark which could be viewed as an anti-Semitic slur. “We don’t want you and your Israeli money about here,” a male voice could be heard on the video that was posted on YouTube by the group Irish4Israel  MORE