guns-on-table-reutersArmed and trained church leaders constitute a growing trend in Florida. According to Orlando’s News 13, a company called Bethel Defense is training “pastors and church leaders to use handcuffs, batons, and special lights that can be used to distract someone causing a problem.” They are also teaching church leaders “how to use stun guns and handguns.” Bethel Defense owner Craig Dixon said pastors and church leaders are taught in such a way as to keep the use of the gun as the “last alternative.”
Some Florida churches are also adding security cameras, “a team of volunteers to monitor each service,” and security teams to sweep the grounds “after each service.” Journey Christian Church’s Roddy Conner said they’ve added various security measures that they “don’t want to be too out front about.” Rather, he said they just want the peace of knowing “that they] are prepared.” MORE