METHODIST2-articleLargeThe head of the New York Conference of the United Methodist Church has ended the church trial of a minister who officiated his son’s same-sex “wedding,” and is now vowing to end all future trials in the region. “Church trials produce no winners,” Martin D. McLee told reporters on Monday. “[They] result in harmful polarization and continue the harm brought upon our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.” As previously reported, Thomas Ogletree, 80, was set to stand trial today at the First United Methodist Church of Stanford following complaints filed by fellow clergy who accused him of violating church doctrine. Ogletree, a retired United Methodist minister and former Yale Divinity School Dean, had officiated his son’s same-sex “wedding” in 2012 against the Book of Discipline. The Book outlines that “the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching” and that “self-avowed practicing homosexuals” may not be ordained as ministers in the denomination. It also forbids ministers from hosting or participating in “ceremonies that celebrate homosexual unions.” MORE