imagesCan a transgender student use whichever bathroom they want to? Tucson Unified School District officials said yes, the district’s discrimation policy was revised this week to add the word “gender” into it. TUSD officials said, as per policy, students could use whichever bathroom they felt they identified with, in terms of a gender. Many parents at Anna Henry Elementary school on the east side were fired up after a recent incident that they said made their children uncomfortable. Susan Wright said her 10-year old son was using the urinal when a student he identified as a female walked in on him. Concerned parent Danya Ayers said she knew of another incident where a boy was very uncomfortable after a child he knew as a girl removed her underpants in front of him. “My son won’t even let me go in the bathroom with him, he won’t let a female teacher go in with him, this did not make him comfortable,” said Wright. TUSD officials held a meeting at Anna Henry Elementary to discuss transgender student issues. The district spent over $1,000 to hire national experts to discuss what being a transgender meant. The experts would also train staff members and act as consultants. More