9474666_600x338A California teacher, who previously presented as a man, will return to school after spring break as a woman. The Fresno Bee is reporting that the Yosemite High School teacher, formally known as Gary Sconce, will be known to students and staff as Karen Adell Scot after April 22. “When you aren’t who you really are, it’s like being smothered,” Scot, 56, told KFSN-TV. “It’s like being rolled in a wave, if you’ve ever been rolled in a wave in the ocean where you can’t find your way up, you don’t know which direction you’ve been turned.” Scot, who says she came out to her family as transgender in April 2013 and has been teaching science and multimedia at Yosemite High School for 24 years, then added, “I was born transgender. My earliest memories were that even though my body was a little boy body, which I really didn’t understand, I was a girl. I knew I was a girl.” Scot told her colleagues of personal struggles involved in her decision to come out as transgender in a letter this week, according to the Bee. MORE