Wheaton-College-pro-gay-demonstrators-Edman-ChapelWhen Rosaria Champagne Butterfield spoke at FRC last year, she was well-received and her presentation was greatly appreciated. A former lesbian and person of the left, she came to Christ, had a dramatic (what she calls a “train wreck”) conversion and has married a pastor with whom she has several children. When she spoke at Wheaton College recently, she was greeted by a couple of dozen students who offered what they did not call a protest but, rather, a demonstration. They were a quiet group and sat on the chapel steps. “Students Justin Massey and Jordan-Ashley Barney organized ‘More Than a Single Story,’ the Jan. 31 demonstration where Wheaton students sat on the steps of Edman Chapel and held signs that said ‘We’re all loved by God,’ ‘his is not a protest,’ and ‘I’m gay and a beloved child of God,’ ” Christianity Today reports. MORE