article-2576649-1C24997700000578-282_634x309As Expected, Girls creator/star Lena Dunham got nude on Saturday Night Live this weekend, in one scene mocking the Genesis Eden story, where a partly blurred-out nude Dunham and leaf-covered co-star Taran Killam poked fun at the biblical narrative. Saturday’s episode earned SNL’s second lowest ratings of the year. “Son of God. Noah,” says the narrator. “And now, another extraordinary Biblical film that tells the astonishing story of the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Life itself.” Dunham then appears naked. “Adam, Adam, a snake just talked to me. Is that normal?” Dunham says. “Before there were Girls,” the narrator says, “there was the first Girl.” Taran Killam appears as Adam, and Dunham says, “I just like want to know what we’re even doing here. Are we like man and wife?” When Killam responds that Eve was made from his rib, Dunham says, “Oh my God, that is like so sexist, I can’t believe you would even bring that up right now. Take a gender and women’s studies class!” When God catches her after eating the apple, she says, “Can you please not apple shame me right now? I know I committed original sin, but at least it’s original! I think I deserve some credit for that, or at least a publishing deal!” God says she’s old enough to be on her own, to which Dunham says she doesn’t even have health insurance. MORE