Two bride figurines are seen during a rally in response to the California Supreme Court's ruling regarding Proposition 8 in HollywoodLast Tuesday, two women became the first homosexual couple to get “married” in the city of León, in Guanajuanto, one of Mexico’s most conservative states and in which same-sex “marriage” is illegal. The “marriage” followed a lawsuit filed by the two lesbians when they were denied a marriage license in September last year.  After suing the state in federal court they were granted an injunction forcing the state to “marry” them. The lawsuit was based on the Mexican Constitution’s first article, which prohibits discrimination for “sexual orientation.”  However, in addition to being illegal in Guanajuato, article 156 of the Federal Civil Code lists “incurable impotence” as an impediment to contract legal marriage in the country, a provision that would seemingly invalidate same-sex “marriages” as well. In an interview with local media before the event, Judge Rito Padilla, who presided at the “marriage,” said the federal judge “forced us to celebrate this ceremony.” Padilla had personally refused to “marry” the lesbians last year. MORE