BREAKIsrael Navy ships brought a commercial vessel found to be carrying powerful Iranian rockets to Eilat port on Saturday evening. The IDF will now launch a close inspection of the ship and study the weapons on board, which were destined for the Gaza Strip. Three days after being raided by the navy in the Red Sea, some 150 kilometers from Port Sudan and 1500 kilometers from Israeli shores, the Klos-C ship docked at Eilat port on Saturday. It was accompanied by two missile ships, the INS Hetz and INS Hanit, and naval commandos from the elite Flotilla 13 Unit. The Klos-C had sailed under a Panamanian flag, but it pulled into Eilat with the Israeli and Israel Navy flags flying from its masts instead. The IDF will carefully unload crates containing dozens of Syrian-produced M-302 rockets, and search the vessel for any additional weapons. MORE