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  1. If you would like GOD’s true definition of a Christian, turn to romans8:9-14 and don’t neglect to read the first 8 verses. It is imperative you believe GOD and remember that Jesus was a Jew and set the perfect example (1Peter 2:21) for us

  2. Cyril Warren | March 16, 2017 at 10:35 am |

    Dear Ricky S., I have just viewed your video, ” Why God has … .. His wrath?”. Prob- ably correct, and helpful. But it leaves an awful gap. No mention of the New World Order, (Dan.7 and Rev.13) Your government has warned you for 80+ years.($1) How could you – and a host of others – have missed this? Plse. attend to it. Your credibility is seriously in question till you do. Cyril W.

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