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  1. Yes good evening and hello, this is a very important message for Mike Parker whom I have had the honor and privilege to listen too on a regular basis, Mike I have several friends and family whom have had cancer or have cancer, also me myself I have had an extreme case of acid reflux, The Lord , the Holy Spirit has prompted me to share this with you, natural rememities that you can pick up from your local health food store to kill and/or prevent ANY type of cancer, I have heard and seen this things work wonders! As with anything please do put this into your prayer for confirmation and also consult with your physician … Ok? Thanks for all that you do and report on, it is really making a difference, Love your brother in Christ, Billy – ok here is the link the cancer info –
    Below are links to some of the best articles on the baking soda/maple syrup.
    Close to the bottom is the link to the Essaic Tea.

    Info on the maple syrup:

    More info on the syrup/soda combination:

    This is information on ESSAIC TEA. I have a friend that knows someone that was diagnosed
    with lung cancer and given 6 months to live. He started drinking this and that was 6 years
    ago and he is still doing well: I believe you could get this in a health food store.

    In this article it sounds like mainstream medicine may be taking a serious look into this.

    The most important thing one can do is to clear out all of the SUGAR, GRAINS and PROCESSED FOOD from the diet.
    Sugar and grains are just like fertilizer to cancer. This is what cancer feeds on so you need to starve it.

    Our modern day food supply is loaded with mycotoxins that can cause a fungus in our systems and that in turn
    can develop into cancer. The next link is for a book that I wouldn’t be without. It is spendy for as small as it
    is but the original book was too scientific for the everyday person. This version just sums it up in a nutshell:

    And then on the acid reflux – well my mom started chewing these all natural kids calcium chewables – after being on Prevacid for almost two years , these cured me of the indigestion , heart burn, acid, acid reflux issues all together in a week seriosly!
    Product Detail | Natures Plus

    Take care and remember God has you in his hands brother!

    Philippians 4:8 KJV
    “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

    See it at

    2 Timothy 1:7 KJV
    “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

    See it at

  2. You mat want to read my latest book: “Revelation 18 and the fate of America” for an eye-opening account of America’s future if it does not turn back to God.

  3. annette stull | February 27, 2014 at 3:41 pm |

    I am no longer getting emails from ETH. Please add me back. I miss them and feel very uninformed.

  4. You have to subscribe to the New Site on the right hand of the web page

  5. Mary Grace Hammer | February 28, 2014 at 5:11 pm |

    I am not getting emails anymore and I read where you said we have to subscribe to the new site on the right hand, but I can’t find where to do it.

  6. Name of Ministry : Gospel Flame Ministry

    Website :

    Greetings & Peace in the name of Lord Jesus!


    I am chairman of Gospel Flame Ministry in Pakistan. My name is Pastor Mumtaz Mukhtar. I baptized with water and filled with Holy Spirit. Our Gospel Flame Ministry is serving in Faisalabad/Pakistan. We are running this ministry on faith and self support. Faisalabad is 3rd largest city of Pakistan. Faisalabad being the third biggest city having a population figure of 8,429,547. Faisalabad city is surrounded with rural and backwards areas. Many peoples are working on [Brick yard] where peoples make bricks. They are earning money on daily wages. Due to this reason many peoples can’t get formal education in schools. In Faisalabad literacy ratio is very low and most of peoples are uneducated. Most of peoples do not know about gospel because here majority of non-believers peoples. As you know our ministry is serving in Pakistan. We know better our society from others peoples who are not living in our society. Many evangelism ministries have misconceptions about Pakistani peoples. They think! in Pakistan all peoples are involved in terrorist activity. But it is not true. As a servant of the Lord Jesus I want to tell you Pakistani peoples are very simple and hospitable. Many peoples want to learn about gospel and want to become true believers but due to the lack of resources we are unable to reach to these areas people.

    Request for Evangelism Service:

    We have visited your website. No doubt your ministry working day & night for the kingdom of God and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. Gospel Flame Ministry is inviting your evangelism team in Pakistan for revival of the gospel. As your evangelism team reaching to unreached peoples and organizing evangelism activities. My desire is please come in Pakistan and evangelize Non-believers peoples. Who don’t have faith in Jesus Christ. I believe you will save millions souls in the name of Jesus Christ. Many peoples will accept Jesus Christ as saviour and Lord and they will get salvation through your evangelism program. For this purpose, I would request to you! Please organize your evangelism program in Pakistan and evangelize our non-believers community. We are living among these nations Muslims, Hindu, Sikh. We will support your evangelism programs voluntarily. In our society dire need of evangelism. We will host your evangelism team and take care of them. We will ensure your security.

    Targeted Areas:

    Dawood Colony, Rasool Park, Yousafabad, Marriamabad, Maskinabad, Madina Town. We wish your evangelism team come in these targeted areas and evangelize these peoples. I believe God will do miracle in our society through your participation. If you are agree to evangelize non-believers of these areas people who never heard the word of God. Please contact us. I will wait for your reply as soon as possible.

    Online Meetings: If you want to do with us online meetings, we welcome you.

    Thank you,

    Sincerely in Christ,

    Pastor Mumtaz Mukhtar.

    Contact Detail:

    Gospel Flame Ministry

    Chak No, 214 R-B Dawood Colony St# 1 P# 3 Faisalabad/Pakistan.

    Tel: +92-308-6651634/+92-300-9823637

  7. Rickie,

    I just found this. All103 of Israel’s embassies close Monday 3-24-14.

    Check it out…


  8. Dale Wigness | March 28, 2014 at 10:47 pm |

    To whom it may concern..
    We are no longer receiving your daily headlines. Could you tell us how this can be remedied.
    Thank you in advance.
    Dale Wigness

  9. Hey I thought you might like this website that came out and your thoughts on this article:

    This is my post:

    The One World Religion has ushered in signing between Pope Francis and Obama Hussein on this document just as Prophesied in the Bible.

    Signaling the end to centuries of hostilities, Pope Francis and United States President, Barack Hussein Obama today, signed a historic agreement in which each formally committed to future cooperation in bringing the two ‘great religions’ together, marking the beginning of what each side hopes will usher in a new era of working together to bring about world peace.
    Following the brief signing, the Pope was quoted as saying, “It brings infinite joy to my heart to realize that myself and his holiness, President Obama, have been chosen by our Gods to pursue this truly miraculous path. Just as I have been chosen by my Christ, President Obama was chosen by Allah to lead his people in these challenging and difficult times of such strife.”
    President Obama, in a brief speech, promised his full cooperation and that of his country, in the building of better relations between Catholics and Muslims, stating, “Our two faiths have been too far apart for far too long. It is time we bring the two greatest religions on this Earth together and as one, becoming a force for good rather than enmity.”

    A spokesman for the President, when asked by a reporter why no Jews, Evangelicals or Protestant Christians had been invited, answered, “The President’s purpose in being here today and in signing this document, was personal just as it was to act in the capacity of an emissary for his faith and the billions who follow it. It is his desire that this pact be an example to the lesser, insignificant religions, demonstrating that if they can cease their bickering and set aside their petty disagreements they can achieve the kind of brotherhood demonstrated by these two great men. And finally, it is his hope that in years to come, each of these subordinate faiths will be lead by a true and worthy leader just as Muslims and Catholics were today. Until then, it’s just sour grapes.”
    – See more at:

    It’s all about “worship”–and the whole world is going to worship both the dragon (Satan) and the beast (Many are adamant that the beast is “The AntiChrist,” a super-evil villain who becomes the world leader. Others, particularly 99% of the Protestant churches taught that the beast was–wait for it–The Vatican. That is, until about 100 years ago. We’ve got a great article in the works to explain the ins and outs of both views. Check back!)

    So, the people of the earth are going to be worshiping someone other than God the Father and Jesus Christ.

    “…and all the world wondered after the beast. And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?”
    –Revelation 13:3-4

    And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.”
    –Revelation 13:7-8

    Obama (Satan) meets the Pope Francis (Peter the Roman) the False Prophet at the Vatican March 27, 2014 sign a Historical (Biblical) document together to usher in the One World Religion, just as Prophesied in Revelation the Book that Jesus Christ the Son of God wrote.

    Like I said since Day One of Obama Hussein Presidency he is a Muslim member of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group.

    All is left major is the Peace Treaty with Israel and Palatines that is prophesied in the Holy Bible the only true reality God.

  10. Arthur Trafford | March 31, 2014 at 2:33 am |

    The Homo-emotional Syndrome ESSAY

    Homo-emotinals (same emotional connection) is a better term to describe a male or female who wants to date and marry someone of the same gender as themselves. They are captivated and mesmerized by the same emotional mindset.

    Putting the prefix “Homo” in front of the word “Sexual” is a misleading term; because it hides the “True” motive for a person abandoning the heterosexual lifestyle for a new “Modern family” unit agenda. Because sexual attraction takes a back-seat to who is best at meeting a person’s emotional needs. For another person of the same gender best understands and meets the needs of their “Partner”; because a hetero-sexual “Mate” is only guessing at what someone of the opposite sex wants and needs in order to be happy.

    Psychiatrist, psychologist, other health-care professionals, and the news media have deliberately promoted an agenda that allows militant special-interest groups (with deep pockets) to promote alternative lifestyle that is only accepted as normal if an individual experiences varying degrees of extreme hatred for or fear of the opposite sexed individuals . That percentage will grow exponentially, especially in large metropolitan areas that embrace the new “Norm” which will in time lead to zero population growth (more deaths than births) in their county of the U.S.

    Humans by nature will always be attracted to the opposite sexed individuals primarily because they have a “More” compatible sexual union because of their Creators design reproductive differences that “Only” work in a male and female union. Every normal person who experiences puberty will have “Raging hormones” and because of the universal reproductive laws of nature will desire romance and marriage with a person who has different body parts than they do.

    All males from the time of their birth until the time they die will have a “Normal” but non-sexual bond with all other males and females on planet earth; with a mate (“One” other person) being the exception to that universal norm during any specific time frame (no polygamy accepted). They will try to bond emotionally to other males younger, the same age and older than themselves.

    What produces convoluted logic in their lives is that after they experience the raging hormones after they reach puberty, some will stop making a separation or distinction between their emotional needs and their sexual needs. The same case scenario applies to females struggling with their emotional and sexual needs being met. Both males and females need to deal with rejection in a positive manner in order for them to have a loving mate and children by their mate; for same sexed couples only have a “Partner” but no mate for mating.

    Boy’s Clubs in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world were initially started to be a place for males to interact and bond with other males; and the same goals were part of the Girls Clubs agenda as well. These clubs were meant to be a place to have fun in a safe environment so that others can’t destroy a person’s family values, religious convictions or do anything that would hurt a person spiritually, emotionally or physically. Honorable members of any society want to protect vulnerable children, teens, and young adults of all ages from sexual predators. This same gender, non-sexual bonding predates puberty and continues up to death for “Everyone” made in the image of God.

    My observation is that females have more hatred for the opposite gender individuals (“If you love me you will let me” plea rejected); and most males have more fear of the opposite gender individuals (“If I don’t ask her out, then she can’t reject me” mindset). Actually all humans can feel both hatred and fear regardless of their gender. Given the opportunity, any male of female can become a sexual predator to someone of the same or opposite sexed individual, especially during experiences motivated by raging hormones that produce lustful thoughts and actions.

    The compatibility of a male and female marriage union will primarily be based on the sexual differences of their mate and what only that union can accomplish. Whereas 2 males or 2 females will have an insatiable desire to marry based mostly on “Emotional needs fulfilled or met” and not sexual compatibility. A married hetero-sexual male ware 3 hates around his family; he is a son, a husband and a father. If 2 females marry, then their “Adopted” child will never see how a son, husband and father interact in a family setting. If 2 males marry, then their “Adopted” child will never see how a daughter, wife or mother interact in a family setting; all children will miss out on many of God’s blessings for the family they are in.

    A male who can love and forgive a female and is not consumed by hatred for her, can have a loving and committed hetero-sexual relationship with all the blessing of their “Own” children and grandchildren and not settle for the limited and unnatural union of a 2 male or 2 female relationship.

    No need to experience the shame, hardships, and limitations of trying to change and live a non hetero-sexual lifestyle; whose new cultural norm is against the sexual design functions of all species (including humans) because we only reproduce through sexual intercourse. Two males having an extreme fear of women mean that they can’t have a loving bond with a female simply because “Fear” is a very destructive force to their emotions and physical health.

    The same applies to two females having an extreme hatred of men. Two males and two females united in marriage is really a picture of 2 individuals at war with the opposite sex gender; which makes them allies or comrade’s in a hostile war. They are not joined together based on mutual love and acceptance of each other but rather they are running away from the sexual gender they have come to distrust for varying reasons. Those finding a same sex “Partner” will be a safer relationship than seeking a “Mate”; which will destroy any chance of them having the best marriage option.

    The bottom line: Is that no children will be born in their union of 2 husbands or 2 wives. Also any child raised by a homo-emotional couple will either be missing a mommy or daddy influence (for the rest of their lives).

    Who in our legal system should solve the moral conundrum of approval for or the rejecting of a law legalizing “Same sex marriages”? I think all 50 states in the U.S. should unanimously approve of or be in agreement for or against same sex marriages.

    The United States Federal Government is too corrupt and too busy promoting self-interest groups who can only play the “Sympathy card” for their clients who are spiritually, emotionally or physically harmed by a small group of hateful unloving hetero-sexuals in our nation. Being persecuted for one’s lifestyle doesn’t necessarily validate acceptance for the person’s actions or give approval to their behavior and ideological beliefs!!!

    Lawmakers should vote for or against any issue based on our nation’s leaders embracing the moral values based on what is best for the majority of Americans; who are motivated or guided by their religious, moral and social values taught in their faith, family or local community.

    I am hoping that this essay can be distributed around the world so that men, women, boys and girls will know the truth about human sexuality; so that they can better understand why they have damaged emotions that are buried in a sea of pain.


    P.S. I am hoping that everyone will buy space in their local newspaper and print this essay. But no inserts because they can conveniently be removed by anyone who hates the message!

  11. Ed Barrett | April 4, 2014 at 12:09 pm |

    I have been hearing and reading about the “petro dollar” fall. This is an article I found today that will, or should get your attention. Thanks for all your hard work and good Christian based information.

  12. I’ll check in from time to time, but I’m too busy to read all the daily emails sent from ETH. Please inform how to unsubscribe from receiving the emails.

  13. There is a place on the Main Website to subscribe with your Email Address. Try doing this again and also check your Spam Box because you have to confirm the subscription and many times it goes there.

  14. I have been receiving your daily updates via email and all of a sudden it stopped as well!….So I re-subscribed and I do receive the emails and confirm, but it does not set-up a frequency in wordpress…So please fix this! I miss you guys so much!

  15. Ok now you sent me a link and I lost my other subscriptions….hmmm with all the comments I see about people losing their subscription there is a glitch somewhere….thanks for trying

  16. I have tried again and again to receive my emails again, but it is not working….any new suggestions cause I really miss the daily updates.
    Thanks so much and GOD Bless you for what you are doing!

  17. I watched on your video ‘The Last Days Epidemic of Sorrow’ where you spoke about fasting. I have been wanting to know how this is to be done. I have heard many different thingson this topic?

    No Food + No Drink
    No Food
    Only Eat Healthy Food
    Only Give Up Junk Food
    Select One Thing You Struggle With And Not Have That

    What are your thoughts?


  18. Hello,

    You recently linked my article on the Record Amount of U.S. Gold being Exported to Hong Kong. I wanted to know if I could email you links to new articles that might interest your readers. If you would like me to send you new article links… is there a email address that I might do so?



  19. Sorry… I thought this was the contact form. Your contact form is not working.


  20. Chandler Omayio | April 28, 2014 at 2:46 pm |

    Hello Pastor Rick and all of the Endtimeheadlines ministry. I am a long time follower of this ministry and I thank Jehova Jireh so much for providing this ministry to people like me who wait his return. In saying that Im making this comment because I need my provider to provide a way out of no way and Im hoping I can ask my family at ETH to help in praying for this. Although I wish not to elaborate on the whole stroy for sack of you not having to read it all; I have numerous driving citations. Im awaiting a court date to see what the prosecuter proposes. To see what if any I will have to pay. Please pray that the Lord moves their hearts to close out all the citations. I would be so grateful if you would help me in this way.

  21. Chandler Omayio | April 28, 2014 at 3:01 pm |

    Hello Donna. If you would like I think I can help you with you decision on how you should fast. Quite simply fasting is different for everyone. You must pray to the Father and allow the Holy Spirit to instruct you on how He wants you to fast. The Holy Spirit will search your entire being and soul to see what he wants you to do. I’ve done extensive research on the subject because I was once where you are. Seeking enlightenment on the entirety of fasting. If you’ve never fasted before start here, do a Daniel fast which isn’t as well known as going hard with no food or water but is still great for strengthening the spirit and it isn’t as easy as most think. No one recommends no food or water straight off. I would wait until the Holy Spirit prompts you too do such a thing and even then I would say drink water and don’t try to fast too long without drawing strength from the Holy Spirit. Fasting is a way to get closer to the Father of course not a contest like some people make it out to be (not saying you are that way). After all in this age we live in today I think one of the best things one can do is abstain from entertainment; tv, facebook, twitter, instragram/vine, video games, internet, and dare I say it cell phone (other than emergencies). Seek the Lord and He will direct you. God Bless.

  22. How can people Repent if their sin is never confronted? I notice many people today
    want to talk about gay marriage and/or abortion but forget about sins like gossip and
    gettin drunk,gambling,bein mean,sharp tongues,coveting/jealousy which are all out
    of control. Bible says drunkards go to hell yet people get drunk like it’s no big deal.
    The wine jesus made was new wine/diluted and the Bible says don’t get drunk on
    strong wine so people who get drunk with wine are also wrong! Preach the whole
    Truth and against all sin before it’s too late and many in the church hear Christ say
    depart from Me you are a worker of iniquity I never knew you! We all must Repent!
    The new thing is to be mean then people laugh after like that makes it all okay or
    they then say “I was just joking” to try to cover it up and not look as bad.

  23. Alison Jessup | May 2, 2014 at 12:58 am |

    Hi Ricky,I have been watching your headlines for the past 7 months. In September last year my beautiful 2 year old son Dylan passed away. The Lord has certainly been putting my faith through the fire the past several months . The incredible thing was however that God didn’t just let me grieve over Dylan. Within a week or so of Dylan passing God began to reveal to me the season we are living in, prior to this I was a mum, loving my boys and praying my heart out for Dylan’s healing and trusting The Lord with all my heart, I was oblivious to the season we are living in and I knew nothing about the end times.
    God has wasted no time in bringing me up to speed. Today, I wanted to refer you to a presentation that a man named Rick Coombes did on the subject of mystery babylon. If you haven’t seen it , please watch this as I know it is an important revelation from The Lord. Google rick coombes prophecy club mystery babylon and it will come up. Rick Coombes studied this subject for 11years and upon watching it it left know shadow of a doubt who mystery babylon is. .
    The scripture references fro last days babylon are Isaiah 13, Isaiah 14, Jeremiah 50, Jerimiah 51, revelations 17 and revelations 18.

    I thank you for your commitment to The Lord and your ministry. I miss my beautiful boy every minute of every day, his joy, his laughter, his wonder and even though my heart is so completely broken I know God is faithful and trustworthy.


  24. Alison I am so sorry for your son. I know that you will see him again one day soon. Thank You for your generous support of this Ministry and the insight. God Bless – Rick

  25. Brother, You should go to Trunews archives and listen to Messianic Pastor Levy for two programs…May 5th and 6th. I don’t agree with everything but lines up with many of the things I have been studying for 20 years….God Bless, Jimmy

  26. Alison Jessup | May 7, 2014 at 11:30 am |

    Hi rick,
    Today I listened to the 2part interview that rick wiles from true news did with pastor levy today. Please listen to it. Pastor Levy gives so much more insight into the blood moons than I have ever heard before. And I think you will be very interested in it.. I live in Australia and I know God is moving in our nation now to prepare us for the last days.
    God is certainly moving in mighty ways.


  27. Hey,

    I just wanted to let you know that I recently found your website this year, and it has been amazing! It has opened my eyes to many things that are going on in the world around us, that it might not be possible to hear otherwise. I come to your website every day, and I listen to your prophetic updates a lot.

    I wanted to write to you about the story that you posted about the implantable chip. I wanted to shed a little bit of light on the matter, because I am a mechanical engineer, and I have some experience working with micro-chips or MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems). I personally believe that a micro-chip that will deliver medicine is unlikely to happen in the near future (not that they wont try). Please understand I am not denying the idea that the government wont try to chip people as the Mark of the Beast; however, there are still a couple of issues that make a medicine delivering chip quite difficult.

    1) while we can make small chips, the medicine will still be the normal size, and a large stored amount would take up a large volume. Medicine, unlike information and coding, take up a large amount of physical space. Unless these pharmaceutical companies invented a shrink-ray that defies the laws of physics, this will be an impossibility. Journalists can sensationalize it all they want, but at that size you wont be able to store much more than maybe a couple of micro-grams of medicine (1 micro-gram = 1*10^-6 gram) on it. It should go without saying that that little medicine will do nothing for the patient. Nothing short of a miracle from the Lord would make that happen, so the best that they could do would be to hook someone up to an IV (like they do when you go to the hospital).

    If it helps, here is a common example that will explain why this can’t work. Two things cannot occupy the same space. This can be seen every day in car accidents, when two cars try to occupy part of the same space or all of it. The constraints of physics cause the two car system to dissipate a lot of energy very quickly (if its a lot of energy from a high speed system, it could be explosive), and it usually causes a fair bit of damage.

    2) Also, there are still a lot of issues with powering such chips, because we cant get power sources as small. Usually these chips are connected to wires that are connected to an external power source. This is more likely to change in the near future as scientists and engineers may figure out how to harness the energy of the body, but this will likely also be extremely expensive, because newer, smaller, more efficient electronics are always at a premium.

    3) In order for the doctor to “release the medicine” in this micro-chip, several things need to happen. First, the doctor will need to use a program that will be connected to the internet, send a code (via a wireless connection) to the person(s), whose receiver (device in the chip) would have to receive it (think lots more power consumption), then actuate a micro motor to release a specified amount of medicine. This is a very costly, complicated system for medicine delivery, and there are many potential issues that could occur, that any doctor worth his salt would balk at, and refuse to use.

    a) what if the microchip is broken, and the patient cant get the medicine?
    b) what if the programming in the code is wrong, and gives too much/ too little medicine, (potentially harming/killing said patient).
    c)Wireless connections are not completely dependable, so what happens when the internet goes out?
    d) many doctors are very busy performing surgeries, treating patients, reading up on the latest medical science, and doing ridiculous amounts of paperwork (at least the doctors that I know at the hospital where my mom works at), so what if they don’t want the added work of regulating the patients medicine for them? Currently, if its that necessary, then the patient has to stay in the hospital. Now they have to nanny hundreds (if not thousands) of patients wirelessly on top of managing the chaos that goes on in hospitals? Or worse, what happens if they agree to do this, and they get busy, and they don’t give people their daily doses? It could hurt someone and leave them liable to more lawsuits.

    The only thing that I could see happening would be for the medicine to be taken with special coatings that allow for slow release of the medicine, which is currently on the market. If someone sits there and tries to tell that the chip will “make” the medicine, then they are defying the laws of thermodynamics. Granted, I only know the basics of chemistry as a mechanical engineer, but I spend every day looking at systems and making them work in the real world, which makes me feel fairly confident about my hypothesis.

    Anyways, I just wanted to write this to you, because I thought that its important that you should know this.


  28. Bob Adkins | May 7, 2014 at 10:08 pm |

    I ordered 6 DVD’s on 3/13/14 and the DVD Blueprints of the Seventh Empire DVD was not playable. Could you send me a new copy? I could not find any other way to contact you for this request.

  29. Thank you for sharing this information and Insight. I honestly hope you are right.

  30. Hi, this is a must watch. THE most informative take on the world events of the last 12 months to present, nothing like it out there.

  31. Jus'Say'n | May 9, 2014 at 11:36 pm |

    Dear Ricky Scaparo,
    Some things to go along with your “S” shaped storm video concerning “Messing with Israel”?!

    Please note the 2 “Monday, 23 Dec” (Anonymous) Comments at the following link.


    This happened Aug 4 (Obama’s B’Day)


  32. Jus'Say'n | May 9, 2014 at 11:40 pm |

    19 May 2011 – Obama gives speech endorsing Israels return to 1967 borders!
    20 May 2011- Netanyahu arrives in Washington.
    21-26 May 2011 –
    Tornado outbreak, 3 Washingtons hit, Joplin, Missouri devistated between 13th and 33rd street. (See Wikopedia on Joplin Tornado).

    12 Dec 2013 – SOS John Kerry arrives in ME for “Peace Talks”. Schedule includes dinner with Mahmoud Abbas 7pm on the 12th in Ramallah and meeting with Netanyahu in Jerusalem on 13th, 0945.
    At 5:00 PM (Local) on the 12th Massive Boulders are removed from their place high on a cliff face and DESTROY a home in Rockville, Utah. A possible connection is made when one reads up concerning Rockville Utah :

    Wikipedia on “Rockville Utah”

    “Rockville is a town in WASHINGTON County, Utah, United States. It is located along the Virgin River near the mouth of ZION Canyon. The city lies just outside of the park boundary for ZION National Park; the park entrance is located approximately 5 miles (8 km) northeast of the town.”

    That’s 4 Washingtons!!!!

  33. Max Mitchell | February 10, 2015 at 3:31 am |

    I wonder if you own the copyright to the photograph of the rusty old keys. If so, would it be possible to get permission to use it?

  34. Hey Hammer honey,
    The al-Qaeda, ISIS and MS-13s are good Christian organizations that are planning another 9-11 or Jihad on America this spring and summer to clean things up. The corrupt law enforcement in Baltimore, md. need to be replaced by our organizations. For comments on details, call us at 800–872-0001 or 703–854-3400. The only way to be safe and prosper will be to move to Iraq or Syria because America is due for another 9-11 or Jihad and we plan to take over the world by next week.

  35. For God sake, improve RSS now…no pictures, no updates…

  36. Let us know whats happening ……

  37. Let us know whats happening ……

  38. On your page there is listed a very deceitful comment on Jan 26 2017. It denies that Jesus is sent by God. The sender Identifies himself as His/Their child. Why is this on your page if you are a christian communication? It is to say the least very disturbing and misguiding.

  39. CASHLESS? If the power goes out or the grid goes down, how will people conduct business as usual? It may be a regrettable outcome, as it will be, in all aspects of life, in the tribulation period.
    ~ The Lord Jesus gave “…the sign of the prophet Jonah.” and the ONLY SIGN HAS BEEN GIVEN. ~ R E P E N T ~ (Matthew 12:38-45 NKJV) was revealed on 5/12/16= 33, His age was confirmation of the sign, in the date. NOW, we can be “caught up” any time(1 Thessalonians 4:17 NKJV).
    “Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is.” Mark 13:

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