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Author: Ricky Scaparo

Eight Sketches of Life Inside North Korea’s Prison Camps That Will Haunt You

People being forced to stand for hours. Prisoners feeding off of rats and snakes. Forty people forced into the same cell and made to crawl on their hands and knees. That’s the reality of life in a North Korea prison camp, as depicted by a series of haunting sketches included in a United Nations commission report this week. “[C]rimes against humanity have been committed in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea pursuant to policies established at the highest level of the state,” the U.N.’s high commissioner on human rights stated in the report. “These crimes against humanity are ongoing because the policies, institutions and patterns of impunity that lie at their root remain in place.” The sketches included in the report, which come by way of Kim Kwang-il, a North Korean who claims he spent six years in a prison camp, are similar to drawings released a short while ago by another escapee....

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Sponsored Message From Christian Counselor Jeremy Catron

Over 14 years working in the Mental Health Field including inpatient psychiatric, protective services, and private mental health practice. Six years experience in managing and owning large private mental health clinics. Certified in treating Sexual Reactivity and Childhood Sexual Offending. More than 750 hours of training involving childhood trauma, mental health disorders, substance abuse/co-occurring disorders, and behavioral disorders. Developed and presented trainings to graduate and undergraduate classes and at mental health conventions. Thirteen years experience developing reports for Family and Criminal courts, as well as providing professional testimony. Provided clinical supervision to associate licensed professionals. I also have a fictional book currently being published and pastor a Christian...

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8 Women Christian Men Should Never Marry

Last week my column “10 Men Christian Women Should Never Marry” went viral. More than 1.2 million people have shared that message so far—most likely because so many single men and women are seriously asking for guidelines on finding a compatible mate. In response I received numerous requests to share similar guidelines for men who are looking for wives. Since I am mentoring several young men right now and have seen a few of them marry successfully during the past few years, it wasn’t difficult to draft this list. These are the women I tell my spiritual sons to avoid:...

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The Most Important Alliance You’ve Never Heard Of

In Venezuela, students have been killed while protesting against the government of Nicolás Maduro, who is jailing opposition leaders and just closed a television station that dared broadcast the demonstrations. Argentina is irresponsibly racing toward a dangerous economic cliff. The Brazilian economy is in recession and 2014 will mark its fourth consecutive year of subpar growth, as the country reels from its largest capital flight in more than 10 years. Is a decade of progress in Latin America coming to an end? For some countries, surely. But not necessarily for the entire region. Four nations are developing an initiative that could add new dynamism to Latin America, redraw the economic map of the region, and boost its connections with the rest of the world—especially Asia. It could also offer neighboring countries a pragmatic alternative to the more political groupings dominated by Brazil, Cuba, and Venezuela....

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Are you ready for the Viking Apocalypse? Norse myth predicts world will end this Saturday

  Matthew 24:11- Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. We’ve survived the Mayan apocalypse and Y2K, but be afraid – the end of the world is coming…again. This time it’s the Viking apocalypse that is allegedly set to destroy Earth, with Norse mythology claiming the planet will split open and unleash the inhabitants of Hel on February 22. According to the Vikings, Ragnarok is a series of events including the final predicted battle that results in the death of a number of major gods, the occurrence of various natural disasters and the subsequent submersion of the world in water. The wolf Fenrir is also predicted to break out of his prison, the snake Jormungand will rise out of the sea and the dragon of the underworld will resurface on Earth to face the dead heroes of Valhalla – who, of course, have descended from heaven to fight them....

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