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Author: Ricky Scaparo

Worried scientists at Yellowstone log quake swarm of over 200 rumbles within days

A shock Yellowstone earthquake discovery was made after scientists announced they had detected more than 200 rumbles in a “quake swarm” that occurred in the northeast of West Yellowstone, Montana. The shock discovery was announced by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) that declared the quakes have been occurring “over the past several days”. In a post, it wrote: “Over the past several days, an earthquake swarm has been ongoing at Yellowstone. “Keep in mind that swarms like this account for more than 50 percent of the seismic activity at Yellowstone and no volcanic activity has occurred from any...

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Apple iPhone Update Removes Easter from Calendar

Apple’s recent update for the iPhone has removed Easter Sunday from some users’ calendars, prompting consumer complaints.  While the previous update displayed both Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day on April 1, Easter Sunday was removed for some users on their iCal calendars following the latest update. “Easter Sunday shows up on calendars for iPhone users running versions 11.2.2 of Apple’s iOS operating system, but not some users of 11.2.5, which is the latest version of the OS. However, one user said Easter showed in their calendar,” reported Fox News. “The default setting on iOS devices is for U.S....

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Israel and Egypt sign ‘historic’ $15 billion gas deal to strengthen ties

Israel and Egypt have entered into an ‘historic’ $15 billion deal for natural gas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement on Monday.”This will bring billions of dollars to state coffers,” he said announcing the most significant deal with Egypt since it became the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel.  The deal comes in the wake of an escalating territorial dispute between Lebanon and Israel over energy reserves off their coasts. Israeli energy group Delek Drilling LP said that it had signed agreements with its associate Noble Energy of the United States to supply...

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Franklin Graham Blasts ‘The View’s’ Anti-Christian Rhetoric

Evangelist Franklin Graham says that he is offended by “The View” host Joy Behar’s remarks last week about Christianity and mental illness, and says believers need to be alarmed by her anti-Christian statements.  Graham responded to Behar’s dialogue on the ABC show about Omarosa Manigault, a former White House staffer who questioned Pence’s “hearing” from Jesus and suggested that people should be worried about the vice president’s state of mind. “Every Christian who is listening right now—whether you are a Catholic, whether you are a Protestant, Baptist, evangelical, Pentecostal, whatever you may be—this should scare the socks off of...

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FAA Tapes Deepen ‘UFO Incident’ Mystery That Sent F-15s Scrambling…

Last November, The War Zone posted an exclusive story detailing a bizarre incident involving an unidentified aircraft that transited the skies of the Pacific Northwest in the early evening of October 25th, 2017. What started as a radar target moving at very high speed over Northern California turned into a series of eyewitness accounts made by nearby airline pilots traveling northward over Oregon. Even F-15 fighters were launched to intercept the mysterious intruder that quickly became invisible to radar. Now, through the Freedom of Information Act, we present what could be one of the most insightful instances of official...

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