United Methodist Minister Publishing Hillary Clinton Bible Devotional Book

A United Methodist minister is publishing a book of daily Bible devotionals inspired by the verses regularly sent to Hillary Rodham Clinton when she was running for president. The Rev. Bill Shillady, executive director of the New York-based United Methodist City Society, will be releasing the book on Aug. 15. Titled Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily

Devotions of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the book will include 365 of the over 600 devotions as well as a forward by Clinton herself. “Over the course of those 20 months, Shillady — a pastoral friend of Clinton’s  — and a small team of other pastors provided the Democratic nominee with spiritual support to stay strong through arguably one of the more contentious elections in American history,” noted the book’s description on Abingdon Press.  CONTINUE

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  1. Have some people lost ALL sense of reality ??? Hillary is pure evil !! Wake up are you all stupid ? Talk about a disgrace to the Bible !! And if the Methodists honor the Clintons then YOU can have them !! Rapes, murders, extortion and pure evil this is what the Methodist Church honors when they favor the Clintons !! You can fool Jesus !!

  2. You CAN”T FOOL JESUS !!!

  3. Jesus Christ will strike down all evil lingering on this earth, so excited for the most magnificent moment to come!!!!!!!

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