Atheist Group Demands End to ‘Prayer Walks’ at Mississippi Public Schools

A Wisconsin-based legal group is pressuring four Mississippi public schools to end their annual tradition of holding “prayer walks” to mark the start of each new school year. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, which advocates for strict separation of church and state, sent a demand letter last week to Calhoun County School District Superintendent Mike Moore alleging that four schools in its district have violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the

United States Constitution. The letter, which was written by FFRF attorney Sam Grover, explains that Bruce High School, Calhoun City High School, Vardaman High School and Calhoun Academy had recently held prayer walks. According to the letter, the “prayer walks” were prayer events that were held on school property and organized, staffed and led by school officials. READ MORE

2 Comments on "Atheist Group Demands End to ‘Prayer Walks’ at Mississippi Public Schools"

  1. enough is enough already. you guys who dont believe in God has no right to thread on our belief allright. You dont want to believe in God fine but you dont you dare thread on people right to believe in him and excercise our right here. anddd christians it time to take a stand againts this because if we dont they are going to win.

  2. I have to ask what the FFRF is so afraid of. Why are they so affraid of Christians practicing thier faith, when the government now demands that prayer room are set aside for those of the Muslim faith. I do not have a problem with this law, they should be allowed to practice thier faith as well. There is indocernation of transexual, transgender, ect practicees in our schools now. Do they really think it is ok to try to sway 5yr olds to this practice? I am a devout Christian, and I have no problem letting people praise and believe in The Lord, or not believe. It is not my place to judge, but I do pray for them. We have much bigger problems than prayer in school right now. I think they should be worried about the homeless population in our country, (just one example). There are bigger fishto fry, and they should spend thier time and money on these things. Yes,I am a Christian, and a Mississippian.

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