Rob Bell Claims He’s as “Traditional as It Gets”, Says Billy Graham Shaped Him

Controversial author and spiritual teacher Rob Bell insisted that he is “as traditional as it gets” despite evangelicals finding fault in his views on Hell, and said that famous evangelist Billy Graham helped shape his beliefs. “I’m as traditional as it gets. The tradition is following the spirit where you’re led. ‘Radical’ comes from the Latin word for ‘root.’

Radical is a person who went back to the source,” Bell said in a recent interview with The Charlotte Observer. “So I feel like it’s been a long, slow, steady exploration. If somebody has a problem with me, they have a problem with the depth and diversity of their own tradition. I’m having more fun than ever. No regrets,” he added. READ MORE

2 Comments on "Rob Bell Claims He’s as “Traditional as It Gets”, Says Billy Graham Shaped Him"

  1. You have fun now but I don’t know how much fun it will be to stand in front of God one day.

  2. If I had to accept Rob Bell’s interpretation of the Bible as “literately” instead of “literally”, then Jesus dying on the cross did not happen literally and therefore our salvation is imaginary and not literally???? Well, how illiterate is THAT!!!! True wisdom is the fear of God. Why do we need to fear God? Because He is literally Holy and that means hell did not melt down to a postmodern barbeque social for those who literally reject His standard. We are not to playfully wrestle God and twist His arm to accommodate our wretched sinful nature. No! No! No! By the way, it is not your imagination. I did really, literally, submit this literate reply!

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