CNN Host Calls White House Prayer For Trump “Pretty Stunning” and “Very Strange.”

CNN host Erin Burnett was heading into a commercial break on Wednesday when she teased a photo (seen below) of evangelical leaders laying hands on and praying for President Donald Trump. The image came from a meeting President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence had with the Faith Advisory Board and included Christian businessman Johnnie Moore, who called the opportunity to pray with the leaders of the free world “an honor.” While the picture seems pretty

self-explanatory, Burnett had apparently never seen someone pray before. Clearly taken aback, she called the solemn moment “pretty stunning” and “very strange.” Given that over 80 percent of citizens currently living in the United States identify as Christian, and one the most critical parts of one’s walk as a Christian is daily prayer, it’s bizarre that the host of a national news program would be so caught off guard by the gesture. Besides genuine confusion, the only other possible explanation for such a peculiar response would be disdain— READ MORE

5 Comments on "CNN Host Calls White House Prayer For Trump “Pretty Stunning” and “Very Strange.”"

  1. On a completely different topic, Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned the Syria ceasefire agreement that Trump signed with Putin. Isn’t that worthy of an end time headline?

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  3. It’s wonderful to have Christian’s in the White House who pray to Father God!

    Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.  Psalm 33:12 12

  4. We forget if it isn’t about Gay’s or transgender or something left wing crazy nonsense then CNN will make a huge deal over it and think it’s just unthinkable to see anyone praying openly unless it’s another religion like Muslim or a atheists worshiping the spegehtti monster There intire goal is to have God removed from the public Period.

  5. I wonder where Burnett was when so many Muslims knelt outside the White House to PRAY during President Obama’s governance???? Who asked questions then???????

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