Russia plans to boost Baltic fleet with new fearsome missile ships and fighter jets to face Nato

Russia will beef up its Baltic fleet with new warships and fighter jets — positioned within MILES of Britain’s Nato allies. Strongman president Vladimir Putin ordered the reinforcement in an attempt to crush Western dominance in the strategically significant region, a Kremlin mouthpiece said.  According to an analyst writing for state-owned Sputnik News, the deployment is in response to “aggressive” manoeuvres by Nato powers.  It will consist of a new guided missile

craft, Sukhoi Su-30SM jets and five support vehicles by the end of 2017, the propaganda agency reported.  “The swift military buildup of the Baltic fleet is a natural response on Russia’s part to Nato’s aggressive ambitions in the region, increased war-gaming, Baltic air policing, anti-Russian sentiments and spy fever,” pro-Moscow defence expert Alexander Khrolenko wrote. READ MORE

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  2. Quinn&janice Hartnett | May 24, 2017 at 10:15 pm |

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