Hallmark Offering Cards to Celebrate ‘Gender Transitions’

The popular greeting card company Hallmark is selling cards to affirm those who identify as “transgender” and to celebrate those who are undergoing gender “transitions,” the company has confirmed.  “Hallmark is committed to helping people share what’s in their hearts with those they love, and we strive to be inclusive and relevant with our products,” the

company said in a statement this week, as reported by Bustle. “We are committed to reflecting people’s real lives and enriching their relationships, and our mission includes all people.” While Hallmark began making its transgender line available in 2015, the offering just recently came to light. The company features a variety of cards on its website for homosexual relationships and transgender identification. READ MORE

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  1. There is another side to gender transition that the media conveniently ignores. Some undergo the surgery and later decide it was all a big mistake and they never mention the dangerous side effects of the long-term hormone therapy either. It seems like people are changing their gender these days the way everyone was running out to get a tattoo a few years ago. Weird times we live in…

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