Swearing ‘Pastor’ Embraces Open Abominations, ‘Doesn’t Care’ What Bible Says

A profanity-laced preacher who has lost hundreds in his congregation over his decision to allow open homosexuals to serve in leadership positions, and who says he “doesn’t care” what the Bible has to say on the issue, is featured in a new online video that has received over a million views in less than a week. Ryan Meeks is the founder of EastLake Community Church in Bothell, Washington, which identifies itself as “an inclusive Christian community where faith is less about a story to be believed as it is a life to be lived.” In 2015,

Meeks announced that he believed a “move of the Spirit” caused him to rethink how he had handled the issue of homosexuality. In the April 8th video released by Upworthy, Meeks—amid clips of profanity usage—noted that he used to shy away from the topic. “When it came to the conversation around the LGBT community and church policy, or what does the Bible say about homosexuality, I always felt awkward about it. I didn’t want to bring it up,” he explained. READ MORE

3 Comments on "Swearing ‘Pastor’ Embraces Open Abominations, ‘Doesn’t Care’ What Bible Says"

  1. Where do I begin with this preacher ?? Foul mouth, no respect for the Bible and accepting of immoral lifestyles. End of times indeed !! Mr Meeks you are misleading a lot of people !!

  2. C A Lemaster | April 13, 2017 at 8:32 pm |

    One must wonder if this Pastor accepts homosexuality, profanity and rejects the authority of Scripture, what is left? If same sex relationships are acceptable, then so must adultry, open marriage, premarritual sex and even pedophilia. The is no longer a measuring stick by which we determine right from wrong.

  3. This “pastor” is sadly a pretender. He pretends to care as a “pastor” by promoting “anything goes”; he pretends to be courageous by taking the easy route of allowing homosexuality; he pretends to be risking everything by being affirming (yes, a lot of Bible-based Christians left, but he knows that they will be replaced by people who want to live in sin and pretend to follow Christ); he pretends to love God while rejecting the Word of God; and he pretends to be open by swearing and casting aside all restraint and self control.

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