‘Hunger Games’ Star Claims Gender Can Be ‘Whatever You Want It to Be’

Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg says she rejects the traditional concept of gender, claiming instead that it is a construct that can be “pretty much whatever you want it to be.” “I tend to believe that gender as we’ve set it up in current-day society doesn’t actually exist,” Stenberg told People magazine in an interview. “I’ve said before that I’m comfortable

with using the pronouns ‘they’ or ‘them’ alongside ‘she’ and ‘her’ just because that’s a conversation that’s important to me.” “I don’t necessarily always prescribe to female pronouns just because I don’t think that pronouns are necessarily very meaningful,” Stenberg continued. The actress, who last year came out as bisexual via a Snapchat video, has previously voiced her support for a number of left-wing or gender-based causes. READ MORE

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  1. No surprise !!! What’s next people identifying each other as animals ?? Oh never mind we already have delusional people stating they are animals !! End of times indeed !!

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