Florida Teacher Bans Cross Necklaces in Class, Promotes LGBT Day of Silence

A national religious liberty law firm is threatening to sue a Florida public school district over allegations that a high school math teacher forced Christian students to remove cross necklaces and that she is engaging in LGBT activism in her classroom. The Liberty Counsel sent a demand letter on Thursday to Superintendent Jeff Eakins of Hillsborough County Public Schools on behalf of a ninth-grade student who claims that her math teacher at Riverview High School, Lora Jane Riedas, required her to remove her cross while in class.

According to the letter, Riedas has banned as many as three students from wearing crosses in her classroom, “claiming on occasion that they are ‘gang symbols.'” The cross pendant that the teacher allegedly forced the ninth-grade client to remove was less than an inch long. “One of our student clients reports that she had just sat down in class, and placed her books on her desk, when Ms. Riedas approached her,” the letter reads. “Referencing the tiny cross necklace which was around the student’s neck, Ms. Riedas said, ‘I need you to take your necklace off.'” READ MORE


4 Comments on "Florida Teacher Bans Cross Necklaces in Class, Promotes LGBT Day of Silence"

  1. They can take away from us all that represents Jesus Christ, but they can never take away the bonding of our souls with thy Magnificent Jesus Christ, Lord God, Creator and Savior of us all.

  2. They shouldn’t threaten to sue, they should just do it!!! Just who does she think she is? If she can display pro-gay things in her classroom then Christian teachers can openly display their Bibles and their crosses!! I am fed up with their unnatural lifestyle being forced down our throats and I don’t even live in America! If I did, I would have been homeschooling a long time ago. American Christians are being persecuted. I am praying for you.

  3. Judgment is about to hut America then we will see how prideful they are

  4. Trading the love for Jesus for immorality ?? Yes that is our heathen nation lately !! The time to repent is NOW !!! Amazing how our American educators and colleges have turned so EVIL !!

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