Alabama Supreme Court Affirms Suspension of Chief Justice Roy Moore Over ‘Gay Marriage’ Memo

A special panel of the Alabama Supreme Court comprised of randomly-selected retired judges has unanimously affirmed the term-long suspension of Chief Justice Roy Moore, who was found guilty of ethics violations by the state Court of the Judiciary (COJ) over his 2016 memo surrounding the issue of same-sex “marriage.” “Because we have previously determined that the charges were proven by clear and convincing evidence and there is no indication that the sanction

imposed was plainly and palpably wrong, manifestly unjust, or without supporting evidence, we shall not disturb the sanction imposed,” the court wrote on Wednesday. Moore decried the ruling, stating that he had been targeted by those who dislike him for his stance on the institution of marriage. “This was a politically motivated prosecution from the very beginning, from the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Judicial Inquiry Commission, with certain transgender and homosexual groups to remove me from public office because of my stand on same-sex marriage,” he said during a press conference. READ MORE

1 Comment on "Alabama Supreme Court Affirms Suspension of Chief Justice Roy Moore Over ‘Gay Marriage’ Memo"

  1. J.D. Matthews | April 20, 2017 at 5:08 am |

    He wasn’t elected to enforce his views on same-sex marriage, which is an issue of personality ethics and morality. He was elected to adjudicate matters related to the Constitution, which guarantees equal rights for all, regardless of Mr. Moore’s personal or religious preferences or beliefs. He overstepped those boundaries. If he wanted to preside over people’s religious rights and behaviors, perhaps he should’ve run for elder of his church or got himself appointed to whatever synod or hierarchy exists in his denomination. This sort of behavior is appropriate there, not in the halls of justice for all. Sorry, Mr. Moore, but the people have spoken, and now, so has the state of Alabama. We will not be held hostage to your particular narrow beliefs anymore.

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