Parents Can’t Opt Their Kids Out of Elementary Sex Education Classes

Controversial plans to enforce relationships education in primary schools will include no right of withdrawal for parents, it has emerged. Yesterday evening the government released an official policy statement, outlining its plans to create a new statutory subject of “‘Relationships Education” in primary schools across England. The statement reveals that the subject will include teaching on “different types of relationships” as well as “boundaries and consent.” Alarmingly, it also states that parents will not be allowed to withdraw their children from these lessons.

Responding to the move. Laura Perrins, co-editor of the Conservative Woman website, stressed that parents would be sidelined: “Parents are best placed to discuss these sensitive issues with their own children, not the government or strangers in the classroom. “This state bullying should be resisted by all families. Such ‘education’ could include encouraging young children to doubt their gender or biological sex.” READ MORE

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  1. im sick of all this with sex education and what not.
    so then if its going to be compulsary to teach relationships and sex to kids in school why cant i just go into school and say ok well im teaching my kids sex education and relationship education myself so il come into school on the days they get taught this lesson and il do it with my two ok so how can they stop me from doing that as theyl be being taught it in school but by me not teachers and strangers. and also il be making sure they know my rights as of the uk freedom of religion and speech and beleifs.

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