Obama Provided Special Treat For ‘After School Satan Clubs’

This next report may leave you angry or speechless but a new report is indicating that The IRS has reportedly given fast-track approval for “After School Satan Clubs” under former┬áPresident Barack Obama. ┬áSources indicate that the federal tax agency reportedly took only 10 days to grant tax-exempt status for the Satan clubs. This shocking claim comes after Judicial Watch obtained the official records.

“The IRS fast-tracked a deranged Satanic cult to operate as a nonprofit in taxpayer-funded elementary schools,” the group states on its website. Any why would Obama do this? At this time it still unclear why the Obama administration IRS appointees gave Satan clubs such special treatment in 2014, even after they had been drilling dozens of Tea Party, conservative, and Christian organizations for years.

3 Comments on "Obama Provided Special Treat For ‘After School Satan Clubs’"

  1. christie swinnerton | March 19, 2017 at 10:26 am |

    its stupid what obama is doing god will give him serious judgement

  2. barbara richie | March 20, 2017 at 1:28 am |

    It just shows where obama’s legions is to Satan all of the things that he has done in the White House he was a practicing muslim and he lied about it to the american people .The rappers at the white house with their vulgarity and they ran President Trump for his comment he made in a locker room they are a real piece of work.The obama’s could fall off of the face of earth and no one would miss them.

  3. Obama is EVIL !! And ALL of his appointed employees that he had chosen are EVIL !!! So I am not surprised that he has done this !!

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