Major Networks Now Airing Atheists Propoganda

While the Main Stream Media and Society continue to rid humanity of any influence of Christ or the Word of God, An ad inviting viewers to join the Freedom from Religion Foundation is now airing on multiple cable news networks. According to a recent report from CBN News,  The 30 second spot features Ron Reagan proudly proclaiming his atheist views.

What’s even more disturbing is the fact that this originally aired back in 2014, but had been refused by CBS, NBC, ABC and Discovery. The ad had aired on some regional network markets, as well as CNN and Comedy Central. But now the winds of change has blown in and decline of America continues to spiral and the spot will run on “Morning Joe” and the “Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC through March 12. and of course will return to CNN.

3 Comments on "Major Networks Now Airing Atheists Propoganda"

  1. So sad to see former President Ronald Reagan’s son an atheist !!

  2. Wow.. I feel bad for this poor soul. His last sentence pretty much mocks the bible by saying there is no hell do he is not afraid to burn in it… Ohhh you are so wrong buddy!! If you don’t repent and turn to God.. you will be constantly reminded of that comment you made while you do burn in hell. Just wait..

  3. Jen – you and your imaginary god sound like psychopaths.

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