Major pagan god of Bible honored by world government

It was unveiled in London. It was displayed in New York, just steps away from Ground Zero. And now, the harbinger of the pagan god Baal has been used to welcome participants to a summit dedicated to “world government.” The World Government Summit recently held a meeting in Dubai, bringing together some of the most important leaders in government and business to discuss international problems.

Past attendees of the summits have included former President Barack Obama and former U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon But this year, it featured a reconstruction of the Arch of Palmyra, the Roman triumphal arch that once welcomed travelers to the ancient Temple of Baal in the Syrian outpost of the empire. CONTINUE 

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  1. I want to clarify something. My whole life I have heard when a man and woman are to get married they were called “BRIDE AND GROOM”. And the “bridegroom” does appear in bible. And all I see is a word that would applicable to EITHER “woman or a man”. I have no idea how the those of the homosexually lifestyle word their spouse. And I have told all that I am TRULY Terrified of causing pain to MY FATHER. And I know that I have heard couples who have been married a long time..refer to their wife as their bride..maybe not groom, but I have heard bride. And with how so much of all this gender thing has evolved from just male and female..I can see where “bride and groom” has faded replaced by “bridegroom and bride” to allow for the unisex thing. SO KNOW THAT I KNOW MY FATHER MADE MALE AND FEMALE for a reason and it speaks against those things that are everything but male and female. And I have said that there are those truly born with both sexes. And well I am just babygirl in this big mess and so thankful MY FATHER KNOWS EVERYTHING. And HE KNOWS I that I hate all the beautiful things HE HAS MADE get picked/diced sliced/abused/tour up in everyway possible. So please I will let you all decide for yourselves as it always is. I am just want all to see that it was shown to me and it honestly is not how I have every heard it or remember and it does make announcing that agenda in this day and age easier by the combo word.

  2. More Satanism being glorified !!! Satan will lose !!! However he uses people, lies betrays the human race He will still lose !!! The time to repent is now !! Definitely sign of the times to come !!!

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