Jesus Kanye! Life-size sculpture depicting rapper as Christ erected in Hollywood

A life-size gold sculpture depicting rapper Kanye West as a crucified Jesus Christ, called “False Idol,” has surfaced in Hollywood. The Oscar-like statue appeared on Hollywood Boulevard on Wednesday and is a representation of the way in which society idolizes celebrities, until they crucify them. “The piece is as critical of us as consumers as it is of Kanye himself,” the street artist behind the creation, ironically named “Plastic Jesus,” told the Hollywood Reporter. While West

isn’t nailed to a cross, he’s positioned in the same outstretched stance, wearing a crown of thorns, a simple cloth and, naturally, his Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers from his shoe collection with Adidas. “[West is] a genius at writing and producing but he’s not a God, and that’s where we put him. Until there’s an issue in his life or a hiccup in his career, then we crucify him,” said Plastic Jesus.  READ MORE

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  1. Why would anyone with a shred of decency create this statue ??? Kanye West is a DISGRACE!!! And he chooses to be a disgrace so leave Jesus out of it !!! This mockery is offensive to Christians !!! Morons !!!

  2. Evelyn Khelama | February 23, 2017 at 1:01 pm |

    No. This has nothing to do with symbolism over mistreatment of celebrities, and everything to do with using a black entertainer with a sizable following to hurl blasphemies and insults at a faith many satanists and anti-Christian groups hate because it disagree with because it condemns their lifestyles and calls for morality and righteousness. A simple look at many of the television series and films, with their bold anti=God, anti-Christian themes speaks volumes about where the mindset of the majority of entertainment powers are in Hollywood. This is just following in that tradition of God bashing.

  3. Anyone
    Is on
    Shaky ground and
    Thin ice
    Who presents
    Material in this manner….
    The Beatles said
    ” we are more popular than
    Jesus Christ”
    And split apart thereafter.
    The builders of the
    Titanic said
    ” not even God can sink her”
    God is a

  4. Mary Curtis please read the article West did not make this. It is to show how celebrities are put on a pedestal of false idol worship.

  5. imagine if they did this to Mohamed the “prophet”.

  6. “If you are a Christian, stop worshiping Jesus and calling His name out loud. Instead you be Jesus” – The doctrine of hip hop. Are we then surprised at this? Whether Kanye did it or not?

  7. you must remember… these are people who will do and say anything to keep themselves in the press.lm a christian..does this affend me..yes but l know my Lord is coming soon.l leave it in his hands. they all will be judgedby God and I’m glad to know he will punish those who disrespect and deny his power.God is great..God is just!

  8. This isn’t right… God is God. You can put anyone above him. He’s faithful and just, and he will punish the wrong doers. He’s coming soon and everyone will see it in time.

  9. *Can’t

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