Verizon Lowering Morality Standards

The Parents Television Council is urging its members and the public to tell Verizon to stop underwriting graphic content on Fox’s new TV show, The Mick, which disturbingly features minor children using explicit language and put into sexualized situations. Ads for Verizon FiOS and Pixel were aired on The Mick. In the show, teens are shown smoking, drinking and swearing as their alcoholic, drug-using aunt does nothing to set boundaries or stop them. A 6-or 7-year-old

boy accidentally ingests a balloon filled with drugs; a teenage girl has sex with an adult man and engages in a drinking contest with her legal guardian, among other egregious examples. “Verizon should refuse to be associated with such destructive and harmful TV content on The Mick. Apparently, the show’s producers and network executives believe such disturbing content is appropriate for the public airwaves, even at times when children are likely to be watching. FULL REPORT

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  1. Days of Lot indeed !!! Fox doesn’t care about morals !!!

  2. Yuck. Sounds like primetime TV has reached yet another new low…

  3. Seriously? The morals of today’s children are shaped by the parents. I didn’t let my kids watch the Simpsons when they were younger. How about you take responsibility for what your kids watch on TV? Plus it’s fox, why is this a shocker? If your not an upright self righteous douch and enjoy a good comedy tune in, and check out its always sunny on fxx, makes this looks like sesame street.

  4. The show is intended as a comedy, and this article is obviously written by someone that hasn’t watched the show. The examples given, while they indeed happen, are misleading. The first example with the balloon, the show definitely LEADS you to believe the the balloon is indeed filled with an illegal substance. Thus lending credence to the characters (and the audience) freaking out and then feeling relieved when the boy throws it up. Only to find out the balloon is filled with high fructose corn syrup, as the character originally in possession of the item is diabetic and uses it in case of a sugar crash.

    This show is no more “destructive” or “harmful” than the majority of what is on television, the news, or in the theaters.

  5. ALVIS JENKINS | January 31, 2017 at 11:12 am |

    Communism uses tactics such as this to bring America down

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