Obama Admin Issues Memo on Last Day Allowing Transgender Immigrants to Change Gender on Docs

The Obama administration used its last day in office to issue a memo allowing male immigrants who identify as female, and vice versa, to change their gender on official documents. The office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), under the Department of Homeland Security, released the memo on Jan. 19, advising of revisions to the field

manual pertaining to the “procedures and requirements to change the gender designation on a USCIS-issued document.”
“Individuals may request a change in the gender reflected on a USCIS-issued document using the standard USCIS form for requesting the desired document,” it outlines. READ MORE

2 Comments on "Obama Admin Issues Memo on Last Day Allowing Transgender Immigrants to Change Gender on Docs"

  1. Wow the children of the burned out roaches left over from the 60s are running the country? I remember being friendly and sharing my goods with a Andy Warhol look alike. Shared my fishing hole with him. One day all my fishing tackle was missing and so was he? He had moved in on my fishing hole with his hippie family. They were all fishing with my tackle leaving wrappers around along with cans & broken glass.When the fish were all gone so were they. Hey you got to start somewhere with the air travel bans? This is real world stuff here and the muzz and the leftists are going to scream. Tough isnt it! The world is a dangerous place because of the immigrant problem. If youre not the solution you have become the problem. Obama letting people change their sex on their pass ports, and not properly, vetting these people letting them into our country was insane not Trumps new regulations. Get mad at Obama for the breach of law here, and put a cork in it.

  2. Oh big surprise !!! This is how Obama ran his presidency, if there is sin he promoted it !!!! So glad you are gone !!!!!!!!!

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