Is All Sin The Same?

(By Landon Schott) Is all sin the same? If you are a Christ-follower with a social media account, you might think so. It’s important to understand that in God’s eyes, not all sin is the same. I know immature Christians love to proclaim, “All sin is the same, or don’t judge me because my sin is a different flavor from yours.” That sounds good and it sounds scriptural, but is it biblically accurate? No.

Naïve believers usually say this by repeating what they read on the internet or what they heard someone else say. This all-too-common misconception of biblical truth originates from a misunderstanding of James 2:10, which says, “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet offend in one point is guilty of breaking the whole law.” From a biblical perspective, the truth is that if you have broken the law (sinned) you are a lawbreaker (sinner) and need forgiveness from Jesus, just as we all do. That is what James 2:10 says. The mis-perception is that if you break one law, the consequences are the same as if you had broken all the laws. READ MORE

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  1. Death is a result of a simple sin of disobedience. The act of plucking a fruit and eating it. No adultery/murder was committed to result in all things dying. So, I disagree with this article, the hierarchy of sin is a man made idea, we have decided on our own to make some sins worse than the others. What is stopping us as believers to has “white lies” are okay? “Flirting is harmless as long as you od not take it further”, that’s what we say right?? But the Word says “the thought of sleeping with someone is the same as having done it”. Let us learn from Jehovah not to rely our own understanding. There is a Scripture that says as much. (Proverbs 3:5)

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