Here we are less than a week into a major Supreme Court ruling regarding Same Sex Marriage in all 50 States and ordering the removal of the ten commandments monument from the Oklahoma State Capitol! In the middle of the night, in July’s opening moments, the most violent complex of the storms since the June 2012 derecho blasted the immediate D.C. area. It downed scores of trees and produced blinding rain and almost non-stop lightning as it swept straight up the I-95 corridor from near Dale City through the District and into Baltimore. This morning, area utilities, including Pepco, are still dealing with thousands without electricity.

Many eyewitnesses, awakened and rattled by the storm, described it as the scariest they could recall — jarred by the deafening thunder, continuous lightning, pounding rain and roaring winds. The intense but very localized storm complex formed from the merging of multiple thunderstorm cells just to the south of Washington after midnight. Cell mergers are known to produce exceptionally strong thunderstorms. The updraft and rain mass of one cell combines with similar features of another cell. The combination can lead to a surge in updraft intensity, lightning generation and subsequent generation of damaging winds. FULL REPORT