Police are investigating after more than a dozen Christian billboards have been vandalized over the past two months in a park in Montana. The “God’s Ten Commandments Park” was created on a 10-acre plot of land in Columbia Falls last summer and features numerous billboards proclaiming Christian messages for all to read. “God’s Ten Commandments are like signposts, along the road of life, to guide us on the road so as to complete the course and finish the race,” the website for the park reads. Owner Phillip Klevmoen, a horse rancher, also creates signs for others to post out of their desire to be a witness for Christ. “We want this to go forward throughout the nation.

You can see what’s happening to the country,” he told reporters last year upon completion of the park. “Not only are we forgetting him, we are kicking him out of our society.”Klevmoen acknowledged that he would likely face opposition for this signs, but over the past two months, 17 of his 21 billboards have been defaced by vandals. According to local television station KRTV, the latest attacks took sometime after midnight on Sunday. Klevmoen says that he arrived to find the billboards either disfigured with spray paint or slashed with a knife. MORE