One of the most effective methods of creating a surveillance state, authoritarian society, fascist nation or whatever one wishes to call it, is to inform children at an early age that they have no individual privacy rights. Take a child and reinforce the notion that everything he or she does, every activity participated in, will be tracked, monitored and recorded by a central authority. Make these practices seem like normal everyday routine, and you’re well on your way to totally controlling them as they reach adulthood.

We’ve seen this subtle — and sometimes not so subtle — behavioral conditioning occurring at home and at school, and typically through the powerful hypnotic influence of television and the Internet, and in many cases disguised as something so seemingly innocent as the popular Elf on the Shelf toys, which instill the idea that “someone is always watching.” But there are also more blatant manifestations, such as the subject of this article — which happens to be the biometric scanning of students’ thumbprints so that they can obtain their school lunches. FULL REPORT