After gay marriage, brace yourself for assisted suicide—it’s next on the agenda. The June 27 cover of The Economist, an influential national publication, heralded “The Right to Die: Why Assisted Suicide Should be Legal.” Currently there is a bill being put before the House of Lords in Britain to legalize assisted suicide. Get ready.

Just as homosexuality was relabeled “Gay” and homosexual “marriage” served up as “Marriage Equality,” assisted suicide is now “Death With Dignity” and “End-of-Life Counseling” becomes “Advanced Care Planning.” Oregon Democrat, Earl Blumenauer, is sponsoring the legislation. Take note he’s from the state that already has mercy killing, legal marijuana has fined Christian bakers $135,000 (along with a “gag order” on speaking about their religious convictions) for declining a lesbian wedding; along with taxpayer-supported sex change surgery for 15-year-olds without parental notification. MORE