The state of Kentucky is doubling down on a decision to ban volunteer pastor counselors in its youth division from calling homosexuality “sinful,” as it is defined in the Bible. In a statement sent Monday to WND, Stacy Floden of the state’s program services in the Department of Juvenile Justice said her agency “seeks to protect the rights of all youth in its care and custody regardless of sexual orientation or committing offense.”

“To this end, the department prohibits its staff and volunteers from discriminating against youth based on sexual orientation or gender identity,” Floden said. That means Christian pastors who have served as volunteers but cannot sign a statement assuring the state they will never refer to homosexuality as “sinful” are being dropped from the program. WND reported Friday that the issue was being raised by the non-profit legal group Liberty Counsel.

The lawyers sent a letter to Bob Hayter, commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice, demanding that the state religious test be dropped and that a dismissed counselor be reinstated. MORE