Although it’s not unheard of to see multiple storms at the same time, this is impressive on any scale. On Sunday morning with an upgrade to Tropical Storm Dolores, it marked the first time in almost 10 years that there have been at least five simultaneous Pacific tropical cyclones of at least tropical storm strength. Last week, typhoons Linfa, Chan-hom and Nangka were simultaneously active in the Western Pacific basin. According to National Hurricane Center specialist Eric Blake, Wednesday, July 8, marked the first time there had been three typhoons simultaneously in the western Pacific Ocean since Oct. 24, 1994.

Colorado State University’s Phil Klotzbach adds it was the earliest occurrence on record of three concurrent typhoons in the western Pacific, breaking the old record from July 10, 1972. Blake also tweeted that, along with last week’s Tropical Storm Ela, made three central Pacific tropical cyclones this month alone. In the historical record from 1949-2014, only three tropical cyclones had ever formed in that basin in the month of July. FULL REPORT