The tables are turning in America. Even though our nation was founded upon Christian principles and values, Christianity is now increasingly repressed in the wake of mounting secularism and anti-Christian sentiment. One group that is gaining attention and momentum is Satanists. Though the label has come to broadly cover those who actively worship Satan by name, to those who focus on man’s pursuit of self-gratification among all else, to those who simply see “Satanism” as a rebuke of Christianity, Satanists’ political and cultural pull seem to be growing at the same time that everyone from Hollywood to the mainstream media to our own government is giving Christianity the old heave-ho.

One such event is a Satanic group’s argument that abortion is a “religious duty” in its lawsuit over a Missouri state law. The New York-based Satanic Temple has filed a suit against the state of Missouri on behalf of one of a woman named only as “Mary Doe,” railing against the state’s Informed Consent Law mandating a 72-hour waiting period between the initial visit to an abortionist and the actual procedure. The suit insists on access to immediate abortions-on-demand, and claims that “an abortion will not terminate the life of a separate, unique, living human being.” MORE