Archaeologists have made the exceedingly rare find of a what they believe was once a Roman military headquarters in the area of Megiddo in northern Israel, offering a glimpse not only of life during the early years of Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism but also the occupation of the Holy Land by Roman troops. The Legio camp, located at Tel Megiddo, is situated in the place some Christians believe to be the site of the New Testament-prophesied Battle of Armageddon.

Excavation co-director Yotam Tepper told TheBlaze Tuesday by phone from the excavation site that his team made the find in a particularly fascinating location. On the one side is Tel Megiddo, while in the other direction, a rare Christian inscription referring to “Jesus Christos” was uncovered in 2005 near the modern-day Megiddo prison. Tepper said the new discovery is significant because no military headquarters have ever been found in the this part of the vast territories the Romans once ruled. FULL REPORT