Barack Obama told African leaders that he thinks he would win a third term if given the chance to run again. “I actually think I’m a pretty good president—I think if I ran, I could win—but I can’t!” Obama said. But since 1951, a Congressional law has prohibited any person from taking more than two four-year terms. Obama, however, has a track record for bypassing Congress and issuing executive orders. In 2015 alone, the president has issued 13 decrees addressing everything from North Korea to cyber security to court-martialing. With this summer’s Operation Jade Helm—

a massive military training exercise across the southwest—questions arise about the commander in chief’s intentions in office, and if he plans to vacate or declare another executive order giving himself power over the American people. Even the Washington Post picked up on the rumblings of Obama’s potential martial law and the theories behind the exercises. “The idea there was that this was an American response to the imminent start of World War III, since ‘drills are always the way that operations are designed to position men and materials ahead of an operation,'” The Post’s Philip Bump wrote earlier this month. MORE