The remains of more than 600 confederate soldiers are buried in the Little Rock National Cemetery and some believe that’s reason enough to keep the name of the road that runs in front. “I just really believe that it ought not to be changed because that’s a National Cemetery. There’s a lot of dead heroes there,” says Jim Roy Warden. Warden owns a burger joint along Confederate Boulevard. “They don’t even need to consider changing it in my opinion,” Warden says.

But others see the name as a reminder of Arkansas’ painful past. “Having something like a street or the flag its a symbol of slavery and it’s a symbol of oppression and I don’t thin it’s something we need to have,” says Little Rock City Director Kathy Webb. Webb says the time is right to change the name, “It came about partially as a result of the horrible massacre in Charleston but I think it was also something that’s been on people’s’ minds for quite some time.” FULL REPORT