The carcass of a mysterious sea creature has washed ashore in eastern Russia, but its identity remains under debate and adding to the intrigue is that the animal was reported to have fur on its tail section. The marine mammal, about twice the size of a human, with an elongated skull, and with some of its with ribs exposed, was found on Sakhalin Island. 

According to Sakhalin Media, local residents who found the creature described it as resembling a dinosaur, but with “a huge nose like a bird’s beak.” Some suggested that the animal is an endangered Ganges River dolphin from India, but it’s much larger than the average river dolphin, and it’s unlikely that a freshwater river dolphin could have traveled to the frigid North Pacific. The Sakhalin Media report cited a stark resemblance to the river dolphin, aside from the size and the fur on the tail. FULL REPORT