As the world responds to the latest series of Islamic extremist attacks, including a Tunisia attack that killed 30 people, one story that isn’t being covered in the media is that Muslims are turning to Christ. Twenty-one-year-old Hafid* from Morocco believed in jihad and killing anyone who did not follow the laws of Islam. However, his life was transformed when he started watching Leading The Way’s 24/7 satellite television channel, The Kingdom Sat. Leading The Way is a television broadcast from the ministry of Michael Youssef.

“I started comparing Islam with Christianity and found there to be a lot of contradictions between the Hadith (the prophets’ teaching) and the Quran. I studied the Bible online. I wanted to tell you that I have decided to follow Jesus.” After receiving this message, Leading The Way’s follow-up team led him to Christ. Eighteen-year-old Samar* from Saudi Arabia also turned to The Kingdom Sat when she began to question the teachings of Islam. The horrifying violence of ISIS only reaffirmed her doubts. MORE